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1. I want to give zakat directly to the recipient. What can I do and how the practice at the time of the Prophet himself?

Zakat must be fulfilled to Amil appointed by the government.
This is in accordance with the requirements of Islam, because the position of Amil is clearly stated in the Koran and quoted in al-Hadith. People who give zakat directly to the recipients will make mistakes unconsciously, feared that the major mistake is when one gives charity to
only one group of asnaf only while in money and property of zakat, there are eight group of asnaf that require support and aid. According to al-Shafie in Fiqh al-Manhaji, let those who want to distribute their zakat, seeking three people from each of the asnaf of charity to be given their right. This is the practice at the time of the Prophet and his companions. They give zakat to appointed Amil, like the prophet appointed and sent Muadh bin Jabal to Yemen to Amil.

2. How to count nisab of partnership property?

Joint ownership of property or partnership law  is same as individual property. If the joint ownership of property is nisab sufficient, then zakat should be pay from it, even if it is distributed, the ownership of each member's share of less than nisab. This law is the same for all types of property that should be pay for zakat.

3. My husband was on duty overseas, how if he wants to pay the zakat for his dependents, namely me and the kids? Does my husband need to pay abroad, where he was now, or do I have to represent my brother to pay a zakat on behalf of my husband?

The responsibility to pay the zakat for you and your children are subject to the husbands. However, the husband may delegate such payments through biological brother or anyone else who resides in your kariah.

4. Does someone who paid the income zakat still obliged to pay for the savings zakat eventhough the savings come from the same source?

Yes, as Zakat on savings is compulsary on the second year. However, even it is from the same source but it is different in haul calculation. After paid income zakat, if the excess income is saved and when nisab and haul  is sufficient, it is compulsary to pay savings zakat.

5. Is the money available as a loan from the bank to buy Amanah Saham Bumiputra (ASB) is required to pay zakat? And how to calculate it?

Money earned from Islamic financing to buy any shares which is syubhah is only subject to zakat and calculated on a halal principle only if it is adequate conditions, nisab and haul.

6. I run a small business selling burger in front of the house. In addition, I also have engage in direct sales business. Am I obligated to pay business zakat?

Income derived from such sources is calculated as income and shall be calculated as the income zakat; instead of business zakat. Actually all ancillary income such as writings, lectures, selling burgers, direct sales even housing rental shall be counted as income that is subjected to Zakat. Income can be mixed and counted as single income and calculated the zakat on it.

7. I have several gold necklaces but I mortgage it to make the business capital. Is it obligated to pay zakat for the pawned gold necklaces?

Zakat is not mandatory unless redeemed. The haul calculation began on day of the redeemed.

8. How does the zakat calculation of gold and silver?

The zakat calculation method of gold jewelry ( Gold in use )

Gold jewelry zakat weighing only mandatory if the gold used is equal to or exceeds uruf ( 500 gram). 
The method of calculation is :-

[ Gold Weigh (gram) ] x [ Current Gold Price / gram ] x 2.5%

Example :-

The weight of owned gold  : 950 gram
Current Gold Price / gram  : RM 174.00
Zakat Rate  : 950 gm x RM174.00 x 2.5% = RM 4,132.50

b) Gold zakat calculation method for stored gold

Gold zakat for stored gold only compulsory if it weight is equal to or exceeds uruf (85gm).

c) The calculation method for silver zakat

For silver metal (whether used or stored), Zakat is obligatory if the weight of silver is equal to or exceeds uruf (595 gm).

9. Available dividends in the EPF subject to zakat or not?

EPF dividend is compulsory subject to zakat.

10. Did someone obligated to pay zakat while the debt amount almost equal to the value obtained by the EPF money?

It is obligated to pay zakat which EPF money obtained prior to repay the debt because the money has sufficient nisab.

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